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Client's Testimony.



My letter to my therapist! To you, from me, about you!


Dear Zee, without you where would I be? To say you have changed my life is an understatement when you have been the constant who has restored and renewed me. Where do I start? I have so much to say from nurturing my self worth to changing my dysfunctional thinking and destructive ways. Let’s talk about me and then I will tell the story of how you saved my family. I had experienced complex trauma and various forms of abuse that left me with no self worth and a loss of my youth.


I thought I had it together, I worked hard and I got my degree as a Nurse. I was a happy single parent (my dysfunctional thinking). You spotted from the beginning; what I couldn’t see, you made me accountable and you mirrored me. With your gentle nudges to your serious telling offs when I put myself down; to the endless times I call you feeling as though I have drowned. Myself and partner needed relationship guidance and counsel but found a wealth of knowledge and companion for our journey (holding our hands every step of the way! We were verbally reprimanded when we strayed.


My children has not had the easiest start but you helped them to pick their crowns up and dusted them off. The very first lesson you taught us was change bring change.


Zelda is a Rare Diamond and a gem to the core! She has helped me to unlock my potential and see the Queen I am. She has helped me to navigate my relationship and created unity and peace in my household. Being a blended family has not been an easy ride but have her support makes it all worthwhile.


I have had therapy in the past privately and funded but I struggled to let anyone in my head. Zelda made me feel safe enough to say things out loud I’ve never even dared to admit to myself. She helped me to have the courage to pick up myself.


I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy to take the steps; now I have you the tools needed to get me through my journey. She is kind and comforting and helps me to turn what I call a mess into a message, a love note to my self, of who I once was and to the beautiful butterfly who is gaining her wings!


Thank you Zee, because of you I finally put down the coffee table I have been carrying on my shoulder for all these years…I can now be loved and give love in the right way!

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