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Our code of practice.


Our facilitators abide by our code of practice to be professional, compassionate and uphold confidentiality. In addition, apprenticeship facilitators are trained to master the art of the GROW mentoring model, in particular:


  •  Effective questioning

  •  Mediation

  •  Active listening

  •  Facilitate the process of reflection on how to make improvements

  • Reflect on information gathered and evaluate the client’s progress

Facilitators are trained to identify and address:

  • The scares of street violence and low self-esteem 

  • The effect of poor education 

  • The damage of poor guidance 

  • The consequences of persistent anger 

  • The destruction of fear 

  • The impact of illegal drugs, egotism, poverty

  • Domestic violence and abuse


Our mission is to assist clients to explore the benefits  and pitfalls pertaining to the following subjects:

  • Fear, distress, self-destructive behavior, violence and drug abuse.

  • Practical techniques to tackle issues and concerns.

  • Exploring culture and discuss personal opinions.

  • The importance of discovering and exploring natural talents and potential.

  • Effective communication skills.

​​​​Our Business philosophy:

We encourage personal development and focus on assisting individuals to reform their lives. Be assured (TKGP Ltd) deeply respects the rights of our clients and their privacy, our members of staff are bounded by contracts including our confidential agreement. These measures are in place to protect both consultants and clients.

Through knowledge gain power

Supporting personal growth and pubic awareness.

Ideas without action is fruitless

 Rare Diamond 

Excel  with TKGP.Ltd


Phone number:  07982696703

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