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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to attend 'TKGP Ltd’ workshops?

We deliver workshops for ages: 8-12,  13-17,  18+


How much do you charge for your services?

TKGP) is a non-profitable company, hence we rely on fundraising, donations and public funds, consequently, there is a mandatory donation to access our services.


Can I access one-to-one counselling without attending the workshops?

Yes, all of our services at (TKGP Ltd) are optional.


How long do your workshops last?

Our workshop delivery range from a 30 minutes short presentation up to a three weeks intensive course.


How do I know my information will be kept confidential?

(TKGP Ltd) deeply respects the rights of our clients and their privacy. Our members of staff are compliant with our confidential contract, this protects both the client and consultant. 


Where do you hold your workshops?

'Through knowledge gain power is an outreach consultancy service supporting the community throughout North West and South London, however, we plan to extend our services to East London in 2024.


What days and times do you hold outreach workshops?

There are no set times and days for workshop deliveries. However please bear in mind that some dates may be pre-booked, therefore we recommend that you secure your space in advance.


Can I book a workshop delivery?

Yes, you can if you require additional information please contact us via our contact page on this website.


Do you offer online support?

Yes we offer both online and over-the-phone support (subject to mandatory donations.)  


How do I book a space to attend the Keep the fire burning and relationships workshops?

You can contact us via our contact page, alternatively you can call the office on 07982696703

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