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Through Knowledge Gain Power Workshops

Through Knowledge Gain Power workshops were originally aimed at young people. But over the years we have extended our services to support the needs of families, couples, or anyone who requires a little help and guidance to empower themselves and to succeed in life. Our programs are designed to develop the talent you possess even if you don’t know it.

  • You will learn life skills, gained by experience and a genuine desire to help you in a tough and difficult world

  • You will gradually increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and develop skills that enable you to elevate yourself beyond your own expectations

  • You will learn to explore, the power of fear, self-destructive behaviour, the perils of alcohol and drug abuse

You will develop through dedicated and caring mentoring by people who know what it is like to be under duress. We will not force religion or dictate in any way upon you; our only desire is to help others gain from our experience. We encourage you to accept our invitation to embrace guidance and enhance personal growth.

Removing The Mask Workshops 

Supporting Mental Well-being

Removing Your Mask Workshop in June 2024.


Attendees will…

  • Learn about the repercussions of childhood trauma/abuse

  • Examines the reprogramming process necessary to heal

  • Eradicate dysfunctional behaviour and thoughts

  • Restore broken friendships

  • Learn new positive habits and life skills

  • Create a plan for personal growth

  • Discuss methods to maintain progress 

We run singular, three-six, and twelve-week personal development workshops for young people and adults alike.  Let us support you to be further empowered via knowledge and guidance. You will discover tools that assist you in employing constructive interpersonal skills, achieving new goals, and exercising resourceful coping mechanisms. 

Change Brings Change!

White Masquerade Mask

Current News

BTM book cover.png

The Through Knowledge Gain Power team are pleased to announce the immanent 

arrival of 'Behind The Mask' a relationship, childhood trauma and mental health book by Rare Diamond. 

The contents will be utilized to support 'Through Knowledge Gain Power' workshops. The material is seasoned with real-life narratives, inviting the reader to examine their perspectives, behaviour, and coping statergies.

Clients Say...

Sunlight Portrait

'Behind The Mask' is Our Voice...  because we are so broken that we need a device to speak for us. 

Rare Diamond 

'Behind the Mask' explores poor mental health and child abuse. It shares narratives voiced by wounded souls, childhood abuse survivors and their loved ones.  It gives you the raw truth! In your face! No apologies! It is what it is!

A message from Rare Diamond.

Truth is, childhood abuse is a taboo subject for those who entertain it in our communities. Unfortunately, these abusive traits and violations are often played down by those in that setting, and this is a common practice across generations regardless of gender or culture.  There is an expectation of sacrificial silence imposed on the sufferer at the cost of their personal well-being and healing.

Facing The Facts

  •       We must face up to the impact of child abuse.

  •       We must examine the unresolved pain playing out in our communities.

  •       We must examine how the scars manifest.

  •       We must establish coping strategies and effective techniques to recover.

Relationships, Mental Health, and Childhood Trauma

The Behind The Mask book is a precious benevolence from me to you. The advice can potentially transform your life. It has assisted numerous survivors and observers to change their thoughts by means of new insight, and effective problem-solving techniques.

It describes the emotions and journeys experienced by wounded souls, abused survivors, and their loved ones. The accounts place you right in the soul of the survivor's or loved one's heart, reinforcing guidelines that encourage self-discipline during the recovery process. 

My Main Objectives

  • To unwrap childhood abuse and the associated propensities.

  • To unveil complex mental battles and the exasperating repercussions.

  •  For child abuse survivors and their loved ones to use this manual for support during their reprogramming and healing process.

Ideas without action are fruitless

 Rare Diamond 

Excel  with TKGP.Ltd


Phone number:  07982696703

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