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Hi! I'm Rare Diamond

The Founder of

Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd. 

I am an author, director and program designer. In addition, I run a personal development and relationship consultancy service. I also deliver 'Keep The Fire Burning' outreach workshops. 


I would like to take this opportunity to share my life journey and the paths that inspired me to become the founder of Through knowledge gain power Ltd.


Looking back, I really enjoyed studying over the years because I managed to gain a vast amount of information and mountains of knowledge via various training avenues plus I acquired heaps of qualifications and accreditations too. My study path included women and management, mental health, drug and alcohol awareness, learning disabilities and special needs. This was a huge eye-opener for me as it helped me to manage my own dyslexia too.  I also studied co-parenting, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and domestic abuse. These courses were priceless especially in my line of work and completed my coaching, mediation and mentoring accreditations. This furnished me with priceless experience and insight.

During this phase I was engaged in other pursuits in the public domain such as reciting poetry, mental health and personal development workshops, public speaking, Bible classes and delivering Bible studies too. As you can imagine I received an abundance of rewards and more importantly the balance that I needed to become an effective relationship consultant.

Over the years many people ask me what inspired me to become a relationship consultant and they are quite taken aback when they hear my reply.  let me explain...


 When I first ventured into the work field I was involved in community work such as hairdressing, Foster caring and child-minding.  I worked as a part-time volunteer in a woman's refuse center; I even worked as a crime prevention officer for a phase. So even back then I was enthusiastic about working with and supporting the public, but still I could not find peace within. I realize that although I love my fellow man I was useless at securing a productive intimate personal relationship. I so wanted to be in love,  but something was missing and my spirit wasn't at ease. I couldn't love and I couldn't feel true love because I didn't have the tools to manage a productive relationship or even understand the dynamics of a loving relationship. In fact my first serious relationship began when I was just 16, clueless, stubborn and wounded. In other words I was a lost soul. I was using the wrong ingredients in my relationship cooking pot and therefore I was broken, and if you're in that situation you cannot succeed no matter how much you try. Alas, I didn't realize this back then. The truth is when you are broken inside, I mean really broken inside, it is a real challenge to maintain any area of your life let alone keep the fire burning in a relationship.  

In truth, throughout my journey of life many things happen to me because I was vulnerable, endured many traumas including child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, children out of wedlock and the list goes on. However, in time I developed a fruitful relationship with the Most High our creator and my new insight created a new me. I had a new vision, new desires and a new goal. I had an urge to share the information that I acquired with other wounded souls because I had been there myself.  I had experienced failed relationships time after time after time, so this was something I could truly relate to.  I knew the struggle only too well and I had a passion and empathy to support my fellow man to employ the tools and the process to sustain productive relationships and personal growth.  With my eager passion in mind, in 2009 I Began a new company entitled 'Through Knowledge Gain Power'. Finally I could provide a platform to support relationships and personal development with life skills workshops for families, individuals and couples. Then later in 2014 I decided to create the Sexual Reminisce Relationship and Feelings website to provide a separate platform for discussion information and problem-solving techniques to assist couples and also those who are single in the dating pool.


At present, I continue to deliver personal development and relationship workshops, public talks, couples consultations, one to one sessions, mediation and radio presentations.


Additional support platform

  • Keep the fire Burning website.

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 Rare Diamond 

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