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When you value yourself and life you attain the confidence, the determination and the
desire to grow.

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TKGP Workshops


Our facilitators abide by our code of practice to be professional, compassionate and uphold confidentiality. In addition, apprenticeship facilitators are trained to master the art of the GROW mentoring model, in particular:


  •  Effective questioning

  •  Mediation

  •  Active listening

  •  Facilitate the process of reflection on how to make improvements

  • Reflect on information gathered and evaluate the client’s progress

Facilitators are trained to identify and address:

  • The scares of street violence and low self-esteem 

  • The effect of poor education 

  • The damage of poor guidance 

  • The consequences of persistent anger 

  • The destruction of fear 

  • The impact of illegal drugs, egotism, poverty

  • Domestic violence and abuse


Our mission is to assist participants to explore the benefits of the following subjects:

  • Fear, distress, self-destructive behavior, violence and the perils of drug abuse.

  • Practical techniques to tackle issues and concerns.

  • Exploring culture and discuss personal opinions.

  • The importance of discovering and exploring natural talents and potential.

  • Effective communication skills.

The workshops were originally formulated with young people in mind, however, we have extended our services to support families, couples or anyone who requires a little help and guidance to empower themselves and to succeed, no fees, no pressure. Our programmes are designed to develop the talent you possess even if you don’t know it.

  • You will learn life skills, gain by experience and a genuine desire to help you in a tough and difficult world

  • You will gradually increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and develop skills that enable you to elevate yourself beyond your own expectations

  • You will learn to explore, the power of fear, self-destructive behaviour, the perils of alcohol and drug abuse

You will develop through dedicated and caring mentoring by people that know what it is like to be under duress, we will not force religion or dictate in anyway upon you and our only desire is to help others to gain from our experience.

We invite you to support our mission to provide a positive platform for guidance and personal growth!

Change brings change!

 Through knowledge gain power

Supporting progress and pubic awareness.


Let your voice be heard!


There are no remaining places for the current workshops; however you can email us via our contact details at the bottom of the page and request a space on our next workshop in August 2022.

Skilled/unskilled volunteers.   

Do you want to lend assistance in our workshops? Do you want to help make a positive difference in another person’s life? Or do you have a skill that you are prepared to teach voluntarily? We are looking for people like you to join us in our quest to support youths, adults & families to enhance personal growth and management skills.

Help us to help others.         


We provide a free platform for youths and their families to personally develop. However, our clients may require additional support and training to enhance their natural talent or embark on a suitable career. As a result we welcome appropriate assistance offered via the general public, such as apprenticeships or training.

Outreach workshops.   

Through knowledge gain power provide mobile personal development workshops to facilitate schools, businesses, youth establishments, care centres, prisons and specialized forums. For more information or to request a booking call or email us via the details on our ‘contact us’ page.

Through Knowledge Gain Power staff acknowledge weak areas in the existing education and support ecosystem. Parents often feel unheard or judged by school systems, and teachers face reciprocal frustrations. This chaos not only strains the relationship between families and schools but also impacts the effectiveness of support for children in need, especially those with trauma backgrounds, vulnerabilities, or behavioural challenges.  

Recognizing the unique needs of these students, "Journey of Life" emphasizes a collaborative, team-based approach to foster a nurturing, understanding, and effective educational and home environment. The program aims to streamline communication and interventions between families and schools. Implementing early intervention strategies and support systems that address issues before they escalate. This preventative approach not only benefits the child's immediate well-being and development but can also lessen the long-term reliance on SENCO and social services, leading to more sustainable use of associated funds.

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