The Current Lockdown and its Impact.

When I first heard about the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown I anticipated changes with no return to life as it was before. However, I did not foresee the depth of the 'new order'. Within six weeks of the lockdown, what is the consequential impact?

Many companies are financially drained while others such as superstores, pharmaceuticals and off-licenses are making substantial profits. Additionally, sales of medication that helps to combat the flu is on the rise. The purchase of video game consoles, scooters, bikes, alcohol, tobacco and cigarette has also increased. another feature linked to the lockdown is panic food buying which can lead to unnecessary waste. Panic buying has also had an impact on those who don't shop regularly, the elderly, and vulnerable people due to limited stock.

The lockdown

How are many spending their time? Well, if you are not a nurse, employed in a supermarket, involved in other essential services or not engaging in necessary pursuits such as exercise or buying food etc, the government instructions are to stay at home. Hence many are no longer going to work and students are no longer going college or school. Consequently, we have more time to embrace online games, social media, gambling and 'tell lie vision'. We are unable to spend time with love ones outside our home. There is also less opportunity in terms of educational pursuits because when children are at home, many of them will not spend the same time addressing their education as if they were at school. Some of them will succumb to social media for extensive hours. Unfortunately, some entertain scaremongering reports and conspiracy stories regarding the Coronavirus. Another feature of the lockdown is the increase in boredom, depression among children and adults alike. Suffice to say many parents are overwhelmed with their children and their demands. indeed, this is a real eye-opener, is it not?

Subsequent challenges connected to the Coronavirus

Physical social interaction is at an all-time low, meanwhile, the entire health care system has insufficient protection against the COVID 19. The NHS is under tremendous strain, but in fairness this was an issue way before the lockdown, oh how short our memories are.

Many are struggling with reduced finances because their earnings have decreased or stopped. The hyped-up £330 billion financial assistance promised by the government to combat the virus and wages shortfall is not forthcoming and confusing, what’s new?

Overwhelming unrest and confusion

It’s almost impossible to secure delivery for online food shopping, it is not? The ques in the supermarkets are daunting and even when you get into the store most of the stock on the shelves is menial. Many are forced to work from home while navigating child care, many are struggling to pay their mortgage or rent. In the meantime social distancing has had an impact on theatres, TV programs, cinemas, night clubs, takeaways, pubs, wine bars, libraries, gyms, beauty parlours, nail salons, hairdressers, barbershops religious forums and many other social platforms.