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Recognition for BAME NHS workers?

Considering the current pressures we are facing, this is not a time to be picky and choosy. This is a time to demonstrate love, compassion and gratitude towards all who have earned it. However, there is an area of negligence in terms of the equality of recognition and appreciation in the NHS.

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan stated, 'We know BAME people are more likely to be employed infrontline roles– whether it’s in the NHS, as care workers, shelf-stackers or bus drivers. In the NHS, for example, around 40% of doctors and 20% of nurses are from BAME backgrounds. In London, 67% of the adult social care workforce are from BAME backgrounds. This exposure puts them at greater risk of catching the Coronavirus in the first place'. (The Guardian online, Sun 19 Apr 2020 )

Despite this, nurses and doctors of BAME continue to support the NHS. They enter a toxic zone of possibilities and yet they are nowhere to be represented in the NHS appreciation adverts and promotional material etc. The question is, why are BAME doctors and nurses not reflected in proportion to their numbers? Did this reality conveniently slip the minds of the media houses? How so? To rob anyone of their hard-earned recognition and appreciation based on the colour of their skin is racist. This dismissive and ungrateful attitude exercised by the media houses is appalling.

Indeed, all our nurses and doctors are doing a marvellous selfless job, constantly risking their lives and sacrificing their time regardless of race. It is not necessarily about race, as nurses and doctors come in all shapes, sizes AND colour. It is more about recognition. As the mayor of London confirms BAME workers are in the frontline. As such it is unjust to ignore or condone the disturbing and subliminal disrespectful attitude demonstrated by the media houses in relation to the presence of BAME's in the NHS.

While we are on the subject of application and recognition we also have a duty to consider and appreciate the other key workers and frontline staff, such as community nurses, social workers, therapists, cooks/chiefs social carers, cleaners, the delivery agents, supermarket employees, taxis and public transport drivers, etc. They are engaged in a team effort for the benefit of you and I. Quite frankly, they are risking their lives too. Without their assistance many would be in dire straits. Let us recognize and appreciate them to the fullest.

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Yes that is true every where you go is black nurses and you hardly see them on TV. Black people, they will get their recognition from God. We are blessed.


I completely agree with this, we BAME frontline workers hardly ever get any recognition although they are primarily at risk, no matter their area of medicine, they're all being allocated to Corona wards.




This is good and well written

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