Are you feeling the winter blues?

The winter blues better known as SAD consist of a persistent mood low interest in everyday feeling. According to the NHS winter blues better known as SAD or sessional affective disorder is on the rise. The NHS website states that, ‘confirming a diagnosis of SAD can be difficult to diagnose because there are many other types of depression that have similar symptoms.

It may therefore take some time before you and your GP realise that your symptoms are forming a regular pattern.

A number of treatments are available for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), including cognitive behavioural therapy, antidepressants and light therapy.

Your GP will recommend the most suitable treatment option for you, based on the nature and severity of your symptoms. This may involve using a combination of treatments to get the best results. Before we examine possible solutions, let’s consider the summertime, what does it entail?

Warm bright light, awesome colours protruding from the flowers, convertible roofs open, people going to and throw pursuing their daily pursuits. This is a normal expectation during the sunning spells.

We wake up and we are meet with the sun or day light,

we can take a walk in the park at 10pm,

we can laze about in the sun,

we can have a picnic or a BBQs if we so wish,

we can attend a festival or a funfair, the list goes on.

In most cases people really appreciate the inviting blue sky the sun and therefore feel uplifted to make good use of the warm temperature and the bonus day light.