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The Founder of

Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd. 


Hi! I'm Rare Diamond

I am an author, director, and program designer. In addition, I run a personal development and relationship consultancy service. I also deliver 'Keep The Fire Burning' outreach workshops. 


I would like to take this opportunity to share how I became inspired to become the founder of Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd.

I experienced a traumatizing childhood and carried my pain and life of disparity into my adulthood. In fact, my first serious relationship began when I was just 16, completely clueless, stubborn, wounded, and angry.


In hindsight, many things happened to me. I miserably failed at attempting to build productive relationships. I was vulnerable and endured domestic abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, children out of wedlock, and the list goes on.


By age 20 I was in an abusive toxic relationship with 3 children. The day before my 21st birthday, I found my 5-month-old baby daughter dead in her cot beside her twin brother! I can’t begin to tell you the array of overwhelming emotions I encountered. I experienced, AWFUL PAIN! I was devastated, I truly thought I was going to die myself. 


However, the amazing thing is,  that utter hell hole led me to become deeply acquainted with my inner self, and even more crucially, I attached myself to The Most-High. This journey gave me a source of well-needed stability and structure in my life.

I embarked on a five-year journey of zealous training and work experience. During my training path, I completed my coaching, mediation, and mentoring accreditations, women in management, which later assisted me while running this personal development and relationship consultant service. Thereafter, I studied mental health and trauma, drug and alcohol awareness, learning disabilities, and special needs. I also studied co-parenting, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and domestic abuse, the information was PRICELESS especially in my line of work today.

In the meantime, I worked as an advisor, and I landed a job in a women's refuge center. The refuge had an array of red tape attached in terms of interacting with the occupants. It was a frustrating phase, I yearned for my own platform to assist others to learn how to execute non-toxic relationships. I wanted to share everything I learned about toxic relationships because I was trained to recognize the red flags and pitfalls both academically and personally.

Over the years my aspirations inspired me to create a new company, so in 2009, I launched 'Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd', operating as a relationship and personal development consultancy service. Then in 2014, I created the Keep the Fire Burning Relationship and Feelings website to provide a separate platform for discussion information and problem-solving techniques geared toward couples and singletons in the dating pool.


At present, I continue to deliver personal development and relationship workshops, public talks, couples consultations, one-to-one sessions, mediation and radio presentations.

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Ideas without action is fruitless

Rare Diamond

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