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I found this platform to be very useful, as it can help provide one with the tools to look into one’s self, examine, analyse and reflect in order to become better able to personal develop and progress as an individual. Hence resulting with the individual becoming empowered with more knowledge of self and attaining positive life and social skills, which then can be use to help others in the community. There is a saying; “each one teach one”.

Due to the amazing humanitarian skills Zelda has, this platform of which she is the catalyst helps to do just that.

 Ivan Christie

Thank you so much Rare Diamond for all the support you have given me through my journey, it was a difficult one but with your love, support and guidance I was able to get through it all, you have changed my life in so many ways opened so many new doors that were already open that I was not able to see. I wouldn’t of been able to do it without you, if I could rate your service out of 5 stars it would definitely be a 5!


Zelda Gunzell my auntie has helped me a lot in my life down to my own personal development and dealing with other people such as friends or relationships. She was able to break a lot of things down for me that I didn’t understand or found hard to understand about my own struggles. My auntie has the most kindest heart and would help anybody even though we have clashed on certain situations to do with relationships and views and points were different but we come together with an understanding for each other’s views. Overall my auntie has helped me a lot in my life, I have learned so much from her, she doesn’t even know how much any one dealing with problems or challenges in their life. I would suggest you book an appointment with my auntie Zelda. - Chase.

My Partner and I have been attending relationship therapy sessions with Rare Diamond and I must say that after just the first session I knew that we could work out the things causing turbulence in our relationship with the guidance of Rare Diamond! 

We are both young, so not something I would of ever thought we would need to do but Rare Diamond has truly breathed a breath of fresh air into our relationship, it has been amazing to be able to discuss relationship issues in a safe and comfortable environment and with a counsellor who I can see wants us to truly benefit from the sessions, she has armed us with tools to use when she is not there which has already started  making a massive difference in our lives at home.

Our work is still ongoing and we have a while to still go, but I am confident that with the continued therapy sessions with Rare Diamond we will definitely make it to the place we want our relationship to be. - Marsie

"I have known Zelda for over 5 years as a close, personal friend. During that time, whenever I have had any relationship issues, Zelda has always given me helpful, professional advice on how to best work through my problems. She has an uncanny ability to view things from both sides and give impartial suggestions which both parties can benefit from. Zelda is a consummate professional who is empathetic with her clients and genuinely wants to see people happy in all types of relationships. I would highly recommend Zelda's services if you ever need a helping hand to get your relationship back on track" - Khawar Asif.


​It’s very good to know that you are continuing the good work and that you are being a good role model to others. You are so encouraging, and in these days we need that kind of person, god bless, -Jen.

Zelda your workshops are very inspirational and in-lighting , keep it up. Winston.  

Zelda's counselling was a comfort throughout and has been an extremely useful reference beyond. I was stubborn back then and found hearing truths about myself quite awkward however, the delivery and support whilst navigating through my journey were phenomenal. I am quite a private person but Zelda made me feel like I'd known her for years. I am so grateful I invest in her and she in I. My journey wasn't easy but Zelda made it more than manageable with her counselling and support. Thank-you Zelda!  -Anthea

Your amazing! You always give me advice that I can use in real life. You’ve help me become more confident & focused on the right things at the right time. Always have to come to aunty for some sound advice ❤️ xx  -Chonae


A very inspirational and motivated woman who has the skill, knowledge and attributes to help enhance one’s relationship whether good, bad or indifferent. Thus helping one to develop the right tools to sustain a good relationship and also help fix those with difficulties. The workshop is good and you can benefit from it, you just got to believe in yourself and acknowledge the difference between right and wrong. Thank you Rare Diamond for all your help. - Antonio.

Through knowledge gain power has had a massive impact on my life. And I could not be more grateful to the woman herself Zelda, I have now known her 4 years and in them years she has helped me through the worst struggle when I was in an abusive relationship with 2 kids. She never took sides, always understood us both and we tried to resolve it all as a team. We tried maybe too hard. She’s inspirational always put me on a positive path on my bad days I still call her to this day when I’m having a bad day. 

She helped me be positive, taught me its okay to love yourself and now single she’s my strongest support system she’s not just my mentor she’s become family my mum. I strongly recommend her to anyone that needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. She’s one of a kind x. - Lois Moore


You said that you need testimonies to show your works, I would be writing forever if I mentioned everything you’ve done. So I will just say this, you are a blessing in my life always. -(Dianna age 43)

You were right, I was wrong Rare Diamond. I gave you a hard time but you never gave up on me  xx you are a bit firm but I love your style. -(Anonymous)


The support and love you give is from the heart, that is so hard to find. Bless up Rare D. xx -Samantha T.


I can honestly say our relationship couldn’t have survived if you didn’t step in. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx -Debbie


I wouldn’t have continued with the court case without your encouragement, Rare Diamond. I give thanks to you because I am still here and the girls are ok and I can tell my story. You are awesome, thank you for everything. -J.P xx

You are a nice lady and I am happy that I have sessions with you because it helps me to think about what I do. -David


Rare Diamond, Zelda, you are a great and inspirational woman. -Caroline


You supported me when I was in a horrible place.  I will never forget your kindness Zelda. -(Anonymous.) 


Great workshop, I would recommend. -T. Cummings


Rare Diamond I don’t think words can explain my gratitude. You are like a mother to me. Thank you for everything.  -Latoya Myers Xx


Chantae’s testimony for workshop. Mum you have helped me a lot with your mentoring and the workshop. It has helped me to realize the power of the mind, not to be vulnerable, and that some people have dyslexia, dyspraxia and learning disabilities. The workshop has given me such a special gift from you mum, I don’t know what I would do without you. The workshop has helped me to realize that when you are going to say something that might hurt somebody’s feelings you have to stop, think and then act. I have learned that we have so many difficult challenges like bills, the government rules, taxes, racism, selfishness and peer pressure. Mum I just want to say thank you for the workshop and you have helped me a lot. I appreciate your helpfulness. xx -Chantae


•  Zelda has changed my mindset to be more positive 

•  Made me face problems and turbulences in my life that I couldn’t

•  Improve mine and partner communication

•  Made me realise my mistakes and stopped me from being in denial. Thanks Zelda, love -Amy

The workshop is good and you can benefit from it, you just got to believe in yourself and acknowledge the difference between right and wrong. Thank you Rare Diamond for all your help. -Sam 2013

 Since meeting Zelda and having my one to ones, I have so much more confidence. I feel more positive about things and my life has got so much better. The group workshop has given me the chance to speak out, give my views and listen to other people’s views too. Thanks Zelda x, -Nicky 03.08.2011.


I have known Zelda for nearly 4 years now. We are next door neighbours and I have got to know her well. She is very supportive and a very good friend. Zelda has her own, unique way of motivational speaking and goes out of her way to encourage people in their progress and development. She is very conscientious with the work that she does and she takes time to achieve their goals and aspirations. -By Claire Spargo (June 2011)


Whilst doing the mentoring programme it has helped me to become a more confident, positive person. Without the love, support and guidance given to me throughout this, I would not have been able to overcome the difficult situations I have been in. I am very grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a inspirational wonderful woman.(Rare Diamond.) -Tawie.


Since receiving mentoring sessions and your programmes I have much succeeded and progressed with the tools you have helped me with. I am not sure where I’d be right now as I was in a vulnerable state when we first started mentoring sessions. This has truly had an affect on my life thank you very much the rarest diamond of them all. -Nyron.

Thank you for your time and all your positive energy spent listening to me whinging about all the negative energies in life, without realizing my own responsibility in creating it. With all our conversations it gives me the tools to self analyze and realize some of my own problems was due to self own disregard, and in recognizing this I feel more equipped to deal with most of these problems more efficiently. Once again thank you Rare diamond. -Robert.


The mentor sessions that I have engaged in with you has help me to sort out my priorities to know which one should be at the top of the list. The clips, tools and discussions reminded me of how much negative energy is around and has shown me that I am priority. -Daniel.


 Overall I was highly impressed. -Andrea.


​I think that you and your mentoring sessions is helping me in life because I never knew about drugs or things like that. So I think this will help a lot of people out there. It is interesting to find out what could happen to you in life as well. D’vontae.


Situations I face take a positive turn when I listen to your advice. I am encouraged and energized by your positive words. Thank you, x. -Marsha.

Rare Diamond! I couldn’t have done my show without you. Know that! Fore real. Just knowing you are beside me in all I do makes life so much easier! Thank you my beautiful sista, thank you for all you do and all you are! Xx Blessed love! You truly are a Rare diamond and a gift from Jah to me! Stay blessed and great as you are! One love. -Mary.



Thank you for believing in me so much Zelda, you will never know how perfectly timed your call and words were. You gave me the love and reassurance I needed so much and the fear I felt was gone after talking to you. You are the angel Jah sent today! THANK YOU SO MUCH! -Mary.


Thanks for always being there, you are a solid rock, you give me and others the strength to see and overcome problems that happen in life. It is some powerful vibe you let off Zeld, I can’t explain but it works for me. -Jason.